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On October 19th 2009, 
Dan and Phil met for the first time in real life.


Take your son to work day was such a bad idea

If you read this then you are a cutie. 


when adults say teenagers are too young for love, but then too old for fun, and too smart to play dumb but too immature for serious conversations like damn what do u expect from me


Production DesignConstantine (2005)

That was actually a combination of me and the visual effects supervisor and the production designer sitting down and sort of coming up with the biological growth that’s growing all over the cars and what that looks like and the color palette. And we started to look at the nuclear test films from the 1940s of the nuclear blasts and just decided that it would be great if the landscape was not only violent with these creatures, but also the atmosphere. So we decided that it was kind of an eternal nuclear blast except nothing ever really gets obliterated because it’s eternal and it’s constantly going. - director Francis Lawrence on the appearance of Hell; P.D. by Naomi Shohan

are y’all going to pretend like you didn’t like this movie


Maybe, you are not, as good as you think you are. [10.02]

[Can we appreciate the hand gesture in the third GIF?]